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Facilitating workshops...

Designed to address: economic development, accessibility, preservation of community assets and values, enhance quality of life, and develop consensus. Following is a brief description of workshops held at various locations:


Participants experience first-hand what is like walking local streets.

Hosted by Just Transportation Alliance , the workshop was held in San Antonio and presented to representatives of government, civic and not-for-profit organizations. It was an opportunity to educate the public on barriers that people have in using public streets, challenges for accessibility, and the many opportunities to make their San Antonio communities safer, livable, and great places to live.

People attending the workshop invited us to assist them in addressing their particular needs and challenges in making their communities walkable and inviting.

SouthTown Art District

SouthTown, with the objective for economic development and revitalize the commercial appeal of the area, invited us to conduct a workshop to identify opportunities to make the area safer for pedestrian access, make recommendations for infrastructure improvements and identify strategies that could make their First Friday Art Walk San Antonio's most enjoyable art activities.


King William Association

Residents of King William were concerned with their quality of life - residential streets used as park and ride facilities and overflow parking for adjacent businesses, work with the city public works department in modifying street designs to make them more accessible and pedestrian friendly, use of residential streets by semi trucks, and work with SouthTown activities.


Jefferson Neighborhood

The Jefferson civic organization, stewards of a rich history and keepers of historic building, intended to make their streets safer, enhance pedestrian access and help develop an invigorating small business district that is walkable and caters to the needs of the community. The workshop was developed to provide them with strategies that would assist them in achieving their goals and objectives of making Jefferson a safe community with an attractive and accessible business community.

Photo: Members of SouthTown representing the business and residential community make plans waiting to experience First Friday Art Walk


Photo: Residents and business owners of the King William community participate in the walkabout during the workshop, an opportunity to experience their concerns, learn from them and help them formulate strategies.

Photo: Members of the Jefferson civic association, representatives of the city and their city council member participate in the workshop to find alternatives to their concerns.


Photo: People enjoy SouthTown's First Friday Art Walk at dusk.

Photo: King William residential street with a canopy of trees.

Photo: Jefferson neighborhood enjoys the architecture and green spaces of Jefferson High School.


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