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Creating a destination that is safe, attractive and unique...

Unique pedestrian environments Creating a sense of place with simple elements Historic identity with color and bricks
Why alleys are just not alleys...
French alley ideal for quick access
A public/private pedestrian access
Pedestrian and Vehicular Safety
Safety elements at pedestrian crossings: 1) raised street causes automobiles to slow speeds and provides pedestrians a leveled walking surface, 2) proper markings brings attention to pedestrians for safety, 3) inclusion of bollards divides vehicular from pedestrian zones, 4) surface textures (yellow squares) provides warking area for blind people, 5) green stripe is a guideway with textured surface for blind people, 6) allowing parking of bicycles gives flexibility and convinience for cyclists.
Use of bollards for safety and branding
Connecting the boulevard for pedestrians
An invitation for bicyclists
Use of vegetation for branding
Plants, a low cost beautification element.

Hanging baskets with flowers or plants create a unique and friendly environment that welcomes visitors and enhances the quality of "place."

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