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Turning Spaces into People Places

Trolley in Lisbon, Portugal.

Following pictures were posted to spark interest in creating public art and people places in the North Main Street community, north of I-45.

Many of the public art pictures were found in the internet with corresponding web links shown at the bottom of the page.

Our communities don't have to look abandoned but can be improved with a little help from all of us.

ON THE LEFT - Pictures from North Main Street identifying locations that could be incorporated into a public art program....
ON THE RIGHT - Imagines that could spark some interest and imagination... turning North Main Street into a fantastic people's place...

Triangular area for public art

Sculpture and water

Triangular area north of the Backyard Gardener

Public benches as an artistic expression

Green space for public art

Functional public art...benches and stories

Replace pavement for seating area

Public art

The donut walk?

Just an idea...

Spanish Flower Restaurant... a destination...

Making some areas attractive...

Family oriented public spaces

Why not...kids should have fun

Public spaces don't have to be business as usual but can spark the imagination and participation of its community and with participation brings excitement, pride and a sense of belonging.


Sidewalk with stamping...

Dallas Mckinney trolley

A bike rack as public art...

Some of our communities depend on public transit. Couldn't our bus shelters reflect the joy of our communities while providing better "shelter" from our Houston weather. Following are pictures from other communities where public art has been incorporated into their transit system.

public art at bus shelter part II...

<img data-cke-saved-src="NorthMain/busshelter-300.jpg" src="NorthMain/busshelter-300.jpg" #ffffff"="">

Bus shelter designed by artist and community LINK

Bus shelter

Flowing pictures show a location in need of a bus shelter and bus shelter designs considered for it.

Site for future designed bus shelter

Final choice

Alternative bus shelter

Proposed bus shelter

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